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Dr. Olsen Explains  Laser Gum Treatment
Laser Dentistry Centennial, CO

LANAP® (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is a new, less invasive alternative to traditional gum disease treatment. A dentist for gum disease can now treat patients without the need for cutting and sewing tissue. The LANAP® gum disease treatment begins with a local anesthesia before a small laser fiber is placed between the tooth and the gum. A pulsed laser light then removes all bacteria and infected tissue from the area. The laser is then used a second time to stimulate soft tissue, root, and bone regeneration. This also causes the blood to clot and form a tight seal around the tooth so that a stable environment for healing is created.

While traditional gum disease treatment uses a scalpel and sutures to cut and stitch the tissue, LANAP® does not require this. Instead, it uses a small laser to remove infected tissue and bacteria while leaving healthy tissue attached to the root. Because the laser is not absorbed by water, bone, or healthy tissue, this gum disease treatment is less invasive and causes less bleeding, which in turn quickens the healing process and reduces the risk of infection. Patients experience less pain and discomfort during the procedure so a dentist for gum disease will often not have to prescribe pain medication. This means that patients can continue with their daily routine. Because LANAP® is selective in the tissue that it cuts, there is little to no recession in the gum line.

As technology is constantly evolving, very few dentists are able to provide their patients with state of the art procedures. Dr. Steven Olsen is a dentist for gum disease who has undergone all required training and coursework to receive the proper certification to perform this new gum disease treatment. Patients seeking a dentist for gum disease in Centennial, CO should contact the offices of Dr. Steven Olsen immediately to schedule a consultation. Find out today if LANAP® is the right gum disease treatment for you.

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