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Laser Gum Surgery vs Traditional

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Patients in need of a gum disease treatment now have an alternative to the traditional cut and stitch method. LANAP® (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is an innovative new way of removing diseased tissue from the gums. A dentist for gum disease no longer needs to rely on a scalpel and sutures. The LANAP® gum disease treatment works by placing a small fiber between the tooth and the gum which then sends a pulsed laser light to remove bacteria and infected tissue from the area. Once this is complete, the laser is used once more to stimulate tissue regeneration and cauterize the wound to reduce bleeding. By removing only the diseased tissue and then cauterizing the wound, LANAP® gum disease treatment is able to minimize recovery time and reduce the risk of infection.

With LANAP® gum disease treatment, there is no need to cut and sew tissue. Rather than using a scalpel to remove healthy tissue, a dentist for gum disease simply places a small laser fiber between the tooth and gum to remove all bacteria while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. Because laser gum disease treatment is so non-invasive, patients experience less pain and discomfort during the procedure and are reporting faster recovery. LANAP® also encourages tissue regeneration and cauterizes any wounds so that there is a smaller chance of infection. While both traditional and laser gum disease treatments have high success rates, LANAP® stimulates bone regrowth in a way that makes it possible to save teeth may otherwise have been removed.

Because learning new technology takes both time and money, only a small handful of dentists are able to attain certification for state-of-the-art dental procedures. Dr. Steven Olsen is a dentist for gum disease who has undergone all the necessary coursework and training to become certified for the LANAP® procedure. Patients seeking gum disease treatment in Centennial, CO should contact Laser Health Centered Dentistry immediately to schedule a consultation and find out you qualify for this treatment.

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