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The LANAP® Procedure

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Basic Steps of the LANAP® Protocol

Patients seeking gum disease treatment can now turn to the new, minimally invasive, LANAP® (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) Procedure. By using new laser technology, a dentist for gum disease can remove diseased tissue without using a scalpel. The LANAP® gum disease treatment works by inserting a small fiber between the tooth and the gum and sending a pulsed laser light to remove all bacteria and infected tissue from the area. The laser is then used again to stimulate the bone and tissue in a way that encourages regrowth. By removing only the infected tissue, LANAP® gum disease treatment reduces bleeding and minimizes recovery time.

LANAP® Protocol Procedure Animation
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(Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)
Basic Steps of the LANAP® Protocol

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Dr. Olsen Talks About Laser Dentistry
The LANAP® Procedure Centennial, CO

Benefits of LANAP®

LANAP® does not require any cutting or sewing of tissue the way traditional gum disease treatment does. Dr. Olsen uses a small laser to remove all diseased tissue while leaving the healthy tissue intact. In this video, you can see how only the dark ink is affected by the laser, not the rest of the paper. The same is true in the mouth; only damaged areas are touched.

LANAP rarely requires prescription pain medication, has a faster healing time and reduces the risk of infection. Although both laser and traditional gum disease treatments produce great results, LANAP is more predictable in regenerating bone and tissue. Because the laser encourages this type of regeneration, it is possible to save teeth that have otherwise been extracted.

Provide State-of-the-Art Procedures

Due to the time and expenses involved in learning new technology, only a select few dentists are able to keep up with state-of-the-art dental procedures. Dr. Steven Olsen is a dentist for gum disease in Centennial, CO who is able to provide this service for his patients. Patients wishing to know more about LANAP® gum disease treatment should contact Laser Health Centered Dentistry today to schedule a consultation and find out if this is the right treatment for you.

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