Bioclear 101: What You Need to Know About Dentistry’s Latest Smile Enhancer

Bioclear 101: What You Need to Know About Dentistry’s Latest Smile Enhancer

Posted by Colorado Wellness Dentistry on Jun 2 2021, 05:20 AM

Diastema or a gap between two teeth is a common condition that can make people feel uncomfortable about their appearance. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry has the perfect solution for this. 

It is called Bioclear - a restorative procedure that transforms your smile in a single visit. In this article, we will be getting into what Bioclear is all about, how it compares to other restorative procedures and its many advantages.

What Is Bioclear?

Developed by dentist and inventor Dr. David Clark, Bioclear is a new and innovative method that uses a thin shell to add a dental composite onto your teeth. 

Bioclear can fix issues like: 

  • Cracked or chipped teeth 
  • Tooth stains or discoloration
  • Uneven, damaged, or undersized teeth
  • Tooth gaps

The process is customizable, won’t damage your teeth, and lets you step out of the dental office with a brand new smile after a single visit.

How Is Bioclear Different From Traditional Restorative Procedures?

Bioclear is a marked improvement over traditional restorative procedures for a number of reasons. 

For starters, traditional resin bonding tends to be more prone to cracks and damage, whereas restorations that are done using Bioclear last for decades, maintaining their functional and aesthetic value. 

Traditional resin is also known to turn grey and gradually become translucent, while Bioclear’s color remains consistent and bright for years.

What Are the Advantages of Bioclear?

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages Bioclear can offer a prospective patient:

  • It is cost-effective
  • It is minimally invasive 
  • It can be completed in a single visit
  • It is reversible
  • It lasts more than 10 years
  • It is stain resistant
  • It fixes tooth irregularities to give you fuller and stronger teeth.


Even something as simple as a gap between two teeth can be the crucial differentiator between a self-conscious and a confident person. However, with Bioclear, the solution is now quick and painless. By choosing Bioclear, you can shed your concerns and anxieties and embrace a brand new smile.

At Colorado Wellness Dentistry, our dentists have years of cumulative experience restoring patient smiles with Bioclear and other restorative procedures. Contact us at (303) 798-1068 or set up an appointment online to walk away with renewed confidence with Bioclear. You can also visit us at 9085 E Mineral Cir #220, Centennial, CO 80112. 

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