Dental Implants in Centennial CO

Dental Implants in Centennial CO

The loss of a tooth can seriously impact both the aesthetics and functionality of the remaining teeth. Missing teeth can cause the surrounding teeth to shift, compromising the function of your bite and creating future problems with your overall oral health and wellness.

It is important to replace missing teeth in order to prevent further complications and maintain good oral and general health. With dental implants, a titanium post is used to replace the root of your tooth. An implant crown is then attached to the implant to look and function like a natural tooth.

Benefits of dental implants:

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants can prevent future health complications such as:

  • Bone loss at the site of the missing tooth/teeth
  • Shifting of the surrounding teeth 
  • An altered bite as a result of shifting teeth
  • Complications with the jaw joint due to an altered bite
  • Difficulty chewing and talking
  • Additional stress on the remaining teeth

Dental implants can provide:

Improved appearance: When an entire tooth (crown and root) is lost, jawbone recession can occur and may cause your face to appear older. 

Preservation of natural teeth: While placing a traditional dental bridge, the surrounding teeth are usually ground down to anchor the dental bridge. Dental implants eliminate the need to modify the surrounding healthy teeth.

Permanent solution: With good oral hygiene, dental implants can last the patient's life, offering a permanent solution to missing teeth.


Single tooth dental implants consist of a single implant post and a restoration crown. These implants are used to replace a single missing tooth adjacent to one or more healthy teeth. During the implant process, each implant crown is customized to pair with the shade, shape, and size of the surrounding teeth to look, feel, and function much like a natural tooth. 


When a patient is missing multiple teeth in a row, we may recommend an implant-supported bridge. The teeth can be replaced by individual dental implants or they can be replaced by a dental bridge, supported by two or more implants. A natural tooth consists of a root surrounded by bone. The root supports the crown, which is the part visible in your mouth. With multiple teeth implants, the implants are surgically inserted into the bone at opposite ends of a series of teeth that are to be replaced.


For patients with all of the upper and/or lower teeth missing, hybrid dentures that are fixed in place by several dental implants offer a durable, reliable, and natural-looking replacement option. A hybrid denture is called so as it combines the benefits of a removable denture and a fixed replacement. Hybrid dentures are suitable for people who have suffered from jawbone deterioration over time because of their missing teeth.



Dentures are used in cases requiring the removal of all remaining teeth on either the upper or lower jaw. With traditional dentures, patients lose the ability to chew certain foods and, over time, can experience jawbone loss. Traditional dentures will begin to shift in a patient's mouth due to bone loss, making them uncomfortable to wear, and irritating the gums beneath. As an alternative to traditional dentures, dentures that utilize implant retention can improve a patient's quality of life, allowing them to eat more of the foods that they enjoy and preventing jawbone loss. We offer two types of implant dentures:


Implant stabilized dentures are seated on two to four implants (per jaw). This type of implant retained denture is removable and allows the patient to easily clean beneath the prosthesis.


All-On-X implant-supported dentures are fixed in place using four to six implants. The dentures are secured to the implants using screws and are only removable by a licensed dentist. The All-on-X option provides the most optimal restoration for denture patients looking for a permanent solution.

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