NuCalm - The Natural Solution for Dental Anxiety

NuCalm - The Natural Solution for Dental Anxiety

Posted by Colorado Wellness Dentistry on Jul 24 2021, 08:17 AM

NuCalm is a cutting-edge innovative technology that aids patients who have dental phobia. The technique is a safe and effective method for calming patients before and during treatment, alleviating their fear and anxiety, and is gaining popularity at a fast pace. 

The NuCalm treatment does not employ any prohibited medications, allowing patients to relax naturally. The approach produces so much relaxation that it can be compared to the effects of a body massage. And because there are no sedatives used, there are no side effects. Also, it requires no post-procedure supervision. Meaning, patients can immediately return and continue their daily routine after the procedure.

What Is NuCalm? 

NuCalm is a technique that uses natural methods to help people relax without the need for controlled medications. Within five minutes, the device has the nervous patient in the first stage of sleep, allowing them to relax before and throughout the dental treatment. This is accomplished by converting high beta brain waves, which are associated with fear, to alpha brain waves, which are associated with medications. Periodontal treatment, root canals, tooth extractions, bridge, and crown treatment are a few procedures where NuCalm has proven to be effective.

NuCalm Therapy - The Simple 4-Stage Process

NuCalm works through the following stages:

  • Tablets containing Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) and L-Theanine are given to the patients to chew. It is a special nutrient formula naturally found in the brain and aids in increasing the body's natural relaxing response.
  • To generate stimulation and open the brain’s receptors to the tablets, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation patches are put behind the ears. This type of stimulation aids in the body’s relaxing response.
  • In the next step, noise-canceling headphones are worn by the patients, which, combined with relaxing music, assist the brain waves in settling to a level close to that of a normal pre-sleeping state.
  • Finally, in the last step, the patient wears special blackout glasses to receive no visual inputs.

Is NuCalm Safe? 

Well, this is a question of common concern. Let me tell you that Nucalm therapy is completely safe as there are no sedatives, controlled substances, or invasive methods used. It is a state of calm breathing and the patient remains conscious during the treatment while also being able to respond to voice commands. It naturally puts the patient in a state of deep meditation.

The best part is that the NuCalm therapy doesn’t hurt at all. It naturally triggers a state where the patient is completely oblivious of what’s going on around him. It doesn’t cause any discomfort or pain helping to establish a safe and effective treatment solution for patients with dental phobia.

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